Your benefits

Competence and Knowledge
Consulting Dr. Klowait offers a highly skilled, reliable and practical advice, based on sound management knowledge and professional expertise.

Experience and Integrity
Good consultants know the business field in which they operate not only from the external consultant’s perspective. Consulting Dr. Klowait combines personally gained business experience and industry knowledge with the objectified consultant’s view from the outside perspective. So, you receive consultancy services which are both professionally sound and of high practical value for your business.

Experts with a holistic view
Companies are complex organizations. Changes that are made in one section mostly effect other divisions as well. Thus, our consulting services offer high professional expertise, backed up by the awareness and knowledge of the holistic, systemic context.

Customer orientation and Sustainability
You and your business needs are always the focus of our advice. Our recommendation and advice is prepared to be evaluated based on the sustainable and tangible benefits generated for your company. Of course, we are happy to also support you in the implementation phase.

Mindset and respect
We advise you based on values. We meet you and your staff with appreciation and respect. We perceive the trust you place in us as a commitment to always act with integrity and dedicated to your economic and entrepreneurial success.

Networking and cooperation

As a customer of Consulting Dr. Klowait you benefit from the resources, the expertise and diversity of experiences that we offer you as a team in conjunction with our co-operation partners.