Conflict Management and Business Mediation
• Foundation, organization and management of a corporate and cross-functional intercompany pool of mediators.
• Creation and implementation of a concept for the optimization of group-internal conflict management, including the development of the framework for a certified in-house mediator training program (certified by Deutsche Anwaltakademie – German Lawyers’ Academy).
• Consulting and Management positions in the gradual development of a nationwide intercompany pool of mediators – consisting of 120 corporate mediators from 24 different Group companies.
• Internal and external awards of the mediation project ( ” OneE.ON Innovation Award for Customer Orientation” 2006 and “CEDR Award for Excellence in Alternative Dispute Resolution”, London, 2008)
• Successful experience and career as a business mediator, particularly in the context of numerous intra-group mediations, e.g. in conflicts between management and work council, between HR and work council, between employees and/or executives, and in team conflicts

Business Coaching
• Coaching of employees and leadership coaching, e.g. in the context of professional development, the adoption of new management tasks and team development

Organization of the Legal Department
• Trendsetting organizational set-up of a regional Legal Department (design, construction and establishment of the group ‘s first legal competence center with bundled legal services function for all operational local companies, including their national and international subsidiaries)
• Participation in the organization and establishment of a newly created national division “Legal & Real Estate” (represented in 8 locations in Germany with a total of 68 employees)
• Successful legal support and design of a new business unit (engineering services in the field of power plant construction and new technologies ). Realignment of the Legal Department on new tasks and responsibilities of this unit, particularly in view of international plant construction as well as in the field of new energy technologies.

• Safekeeping of compliance conformity in business organization as well as in projects at home and abroad (long-term experience as Compliance Officer of E.ON New Build & Technology GmbH – formerly known as E.ON Engineering GmbH).
• Legally compliant development of the compliance organization, in particular to ensure compliance conformity of international projects (e.g. at an international pipeline project and concerning the construction and operation of power plants).